How to Recognise Quality Replacement BMW Floor Mats
How to Recognise Quality Replacement BMW Floor Mats

How to Recognise Quality Replacement BMW Floor Mats

Before too long, the floor mats in your BMW will need to be replaced. Normal day to day wear and tear will take its toll, causing worn patches or even holes. Usually, the drivers mat is the first to go and often, it is the only mat to show signs of wear. It is extremely rare to find a replacement for the drivers mat only so the likelihood is that you will have to buy a full set of new mats.  Waterhog Masterpiece mats

It pays to buy quality mats. There are various types of mats on the market, but many of them are not of the same quality as original BMW mats. Such mats often wear very quickly and some may even start to turn up at the corners.

Mats that don’t fit correctly can move around, especially if they are made from lightweight material. If this happens to the drivers mat, then it can be dangerous should it get caught up in the pedals. Always ensure that the drivers mat has fixings to allow it to be attached to the floor.

Clearly, the best option is genuine BMW mats or those manufactured by a supplier to BMW, otherwise known as an original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). The second option may be the best value. Such mats are made using the same material and specification as those made for BMW. There is often some small variations to differentiate them from genuine mats such as the edging material being different and the lack of any BMW badges or markings. Otherwise, they are the same and will perform to the same standards.

There are three main types of BMW floor mats (excluding rubber mats) and many are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and designs. The first is the City mats. These are short pile mats and the best value for money in my opinion. The second type is Velour mats. They have much longer pile than City mats and feel a lot softer and more luxurious. They are heavier too. Due to the length of the pile, these can sometimes show wear quicker than the City mats. The third type is the coarse, but hard very wearing Country mats. They feel much more like a door mat but will last the longest, although they are not always the most visually attractive of mats.

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