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     This celebrated sports car came into production since 1978 and has enjoyed a tremendous share of popularity since then. Known as the Mazda Savanna or the Efini RX7 in certain places, its exceptional designing with features like a front mid-ship engine and a rear wheel drive made it popular in the racing tracks. The fact that this car has been able to make it to the Car and Driver�s �ten best list� for a total of five times itself speaks volumes about its performance capabilities. Pitted against other versatile models, the motivation for its design came from the Lotus Elan +2 and fitted with a distinctive Wankel rotary engine, the car was compact and weighed less. This type of engine also is considered to be extremely fuel-efficient and in combination with an appropriate chassis and a rear wheel drive design, the Mazda RX7 has been able to reach the pinnacle in the world of sports cars.

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Ending:    Sunday Apr-29-2018 19:40:50
Buy It Now for only: 7,250.00
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  Mazda RX7
Mazda RX712,000.00
Ending:    Wednesday May-9-2018 23:15:23
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  1992 Mazda Rx7 FD !!!SOLD!!!
1992 Mazda Rx7 FD !!!SOLD!!!2,250.00
Ending:    Saturday May-12-2018 8:55:10
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  Mazda RX7 FD3S 1996 Single Turbo (Fresh Engine Rebuild)
Mazda RX7 FD3S 1996 Single Turbo    (Fresh Engine Rebuild)15,991.00
Ending:    Saturday May-19-2018 19:28:59
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