Mitsubishi FTO

     This is one special car which managed to attract the attention of people worldwide. The Mitsubishi FTO (Fresh Touring Organization), which debuted in 1994, also has the distinction of winning the Japanese Car of the Year award the same year, a feat which instantly escalated its popularity all over the world. Mention a Mitsubishi FTO, and what comes into our mind is a thing of extreme beauty. Exquisitely designed, this 2-door coupe is every bit curvy in a muscular way and its stylish sloped headlamps and front wheel arches along with a short tail end only adds to its splendour. The initial versions of this front wheel drive were fitted with a diagonally mounted V6 engine with an option of a five-speed manual or an INVECS-II (Intelligent and Innovative Control System � II) semi automatic gear transmission.

        The Mitsubishi FTO is also fitted with explicitly tuned MacPherson Struts and stabilizers that results in a great cornering capability and also presents a stable performance all the time. The chassis of this vehicle is so flawlessly balanced and peerless and enables the driver to go about his job without any undue worries.

TRACK CAR PROJECT 4x4 FTO-EVO 5 610,000.00
Ending:    Thursday Nov-14-2019 22:37:57 GMT
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  MITSUBISHI FTO V6 Manual GPX 1994 Petrol Manual in Grey
MITSUBISHI FTO V6 Manual GPX 1994 Petrol Manual in Grey2,472.00
Ending:    Saturday Nov-23-2019 20:41:17 GMT
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