Nissan 180SX

     A hatchback coupe, the Nissan 180SX initially came into production from 1989. Every bit a Japanese model, this vehicle which was based on the Nissan S platform, derived its nomenclature on account of its 1.8 litre CA18 DET displacement engine. Mainly sold in Japan, this vehicle saw a tremendous wave of popularity in other countries too. In fact, the European model of the 180SX, also called the 200SX, was actually supposed to be a variant of the S110 Silvia.

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  Nissan 200sx S14a Silvia K’s Aero
Nissan 200sx S14a Silvia K’s Aero8,000.00
Ending:    Monday May-7-2018 20:20:52
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  Nissan Silvia 200sx s13 /drift car /bdc comp car /track car /show car/
Nissan Silvia 200sx s13 /drift car /bdc comp car /track car /show car/8,150.00
Ending:    Monday May-14-2018 11:58:55
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  Nissan 180sx Type-X
Nissan 180sx Type-X10,000.00
Ending:    Saturday May-19-2018 17:51:10
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Nissan 180SX:

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