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     The Toyota Starlet is a small car that was manufactured by Toyota between 1973 to 1999. Originally built as a successor to the Toyota Publica it was renamed to compete in Toyotas export marketplaces. The Toyota Starlet had several series produced from the first (codenamed P40) up until production of the mini car was ceased in 1999 (codenamed P90 Series.)

        Considered by the uk market to be a small efficient get-around the Toyota starlet was a big hit with first time drivers and young people as the small engines and cars keep the insurance premiums to a low. With a choice of a 1 litre and a 1.3 litre engine the Toyota starlet was a fairly efficient little hatchback and there have even been turbo charged starlet variants including the very popular GT Turbo Starlet which is a favourite amongst racing track goers. The small yet turbo charged engine is perfect for young tuners who want to modify their small Toyota as it has the capacity for improvement, starlets are cheap and the insurance doesn�t cause too many problems. The Toyota Starlet then is a small good all-rounder with the GT Turbo Toyota Starlet being very popular amongst car modifiers. You can get Toyota Starlets imported or from within Britain at fairly good prices however as they are all now used cars and at least 8 years old it may be more difficult to acquire a low mileage Toyota starlet, and the higher mileage cars are as viable to the problems of aging as other used cars. However used Toyotas last almost as well as german saloons � so if you�re looking for a good budget small car, something to modify or just to get you from a to b economically then a Toyota Starlet is perfect for you!

  toyota starlet
toyota starlet 1,368.00    (12 Bids)
Ending:    Sunday Sep-22-2019 13:56:00
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Ending:    Monday Sep-23-2019 1:00:09
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  Toyota starlet gt turbo ep82
Toyota starlet gt turbo ep823,500.00    (1 Bid)
Ending:    Monday Sep-23-2019 21:34:42
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  1998 Toyota Starlet S - New MOT
1998 Toyota Starlet S - New MOT122.00    (8 Bids)
Ending:    Saturday Sep-28-2019 21:20:40
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  1996 Toyota Starlet 1.3 Petrol Man only 4,400 miles part of private collection
1996 Toyota Starlet 1.3 Petrol Man only 4,400 miles part of private collection1,900.00
Ending:    Saturday Sep-28-2019 21:20:51
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1998 TOYOTA STARLET 1.3L5,490.00
Ending:    Monday Sep-30-2019 12:10:01
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  1989 Toyota Starlet TURBO S EP71 3dr
1989 Toyota Starlet TURBO S EP71 3dr7,995.00
Ending:    Thursday Oct-3-2019 6:29:35
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  Toyota starlet
Toyota starlet 1,150.00
Ending:    Thursday Oct-3-2019 10:30:40
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  1999 Toyota Starlet Glanza V Turbo 3 door Hatchback
1999 Toyota Starlet Glanza V Turbo 3 door Hatchback 14,985.00
Ending:    Monday Oct-7-2019 9:54:15
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